April Showers: 3 Reasons why Water-play is Great!


April 21, 2017 · Todays Family ·

April Showers: 3 Reasons why Water-play is Great!

Happy Friday! This week we had a bit of a mix up. The original plan was to make a post about an awesome outdoor craft that would take advantage of all the windy days we’ve had lately. It turns out that Mother Nature had different plans, though, so expect that post next week.

All of the rain left us scratching our heads, wondering what to write about this week. And then we realized – we can talk about the rain itself! Water play is a huge part of our Today’s Family programs, especially when the weather gets warmer and community splash pads open up. In fact, our Summer Camp programs take multiple trips a week to community pools and other water features. But there are so many other benefits to water play than just staying cool, and here are three of our favourites:


1) Water Play means learning!

Science is all about exploring our world and learning about why it does what it does. Playing with water is one of the first times children encounter something that “breaks” the regular rules. We love watching our children throw balls in the water and learn about buoyancy, and how that just because a rock might be smaller than a basketball, that doesn’t mean that it’s better at floating.

Plus, shoving a ball underwater and letting go, only for it to burst out of the water with a splash is super fun.


2) Water Play means talking!

We love it when children learn. And part of how we help children learn is by talking with them. When children experience new things (like learning that their favourite rubber ducky can float), there’s an opportunity to learn new words to describe their new experiences. Just like with outdoor play, sometimes the best way to get children talking is to change up the activity or environment. Because we can’t do water play all the time, actually playing around with the wet stuff means that our children are exploring a relatively new set of experiences.

Also, if you want to get children laughing and talking, nothing does the trick like the ol’ “shoving the ball underwater” gig.


3) Water Play means moving!

Developing fine motor controls is so, so, so important, especially for our toddlers. And water play offers a bunch of brand new motions to do! Stuff like squeezing, pouring, scrubbing, squiring, and stirring are all actions that occur naturally with water play, but also really help fine-tune that fine motor control. What’s the old saying? “Give a child a tub of water and they’ll be wet for a day. Give a child a bucket and they’ll scoop and pour and develop hand-eye coordination.” Yeah, something like that.

Oh, and remember the “shoving the ball underwater” trick? Turns out, it can be pretty hard to do. Boom, more physical development.


That’s it for this week! Let us know what your favourite water activities are by getting in touch with us on Facebook, or our Twitter (@TodaysFamilyOnt). We’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!
– Today’s Family

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