Why Music is Important for your Toddler


November 17, 2017 · Todays Family ·

Why Music is Important for your Toddler

We know the importance of music. We know that babies learn to recognize rhythm when they become aware of their mother’s heartbeat. We also know that music is what binds together cultures, families – human beings in general! A specific set of sounds can call up an emotion or a memory. It’s powerful stuff!

So, what happens when you put a handful of toddlers in front of a music wall? Well, noise of course! But it’s much more meaningful than that. Here’s a list of the benefits of giving instruments (of the loosest definition) to your toddler.

It lifts their mood


Music is emotionally powerful. A steady rhythm gives kids the ability to boogie their cares away and get lost in the beat! Watch as your child begins to giggle and smile as the music takes over.


It helps build coordination


Playing any instrument, especially a percussion instrument, helps to build fine and gross motor skills as little ones grip their drum sticks and try to hold a beat. It helps build hand-eye coordination too, as they try to hit specific areas of things to make different sounds.

Dancing, too, is excellent for coordination. Through dance, kids can learn spatial awareness and how to share a space with friends without knees and elbows going flying!


It encourages movement


Active play is the best because active kids are healthy kids! Not to mention, tired kids are better nappers and sleep through the night more regularly. This leads us back to our first point, too, because active play stimulates serotonin levels – which make you happy!


It fosters creativity


Flexing your creativity muscle is so important! Studies have shown that creative play in early life can stimulate and improve connections between the right brain and the left brain, which means better creative problem solving later in life. So, while your kiddo dances and plays away, remember that they’re creating a healthy brain!


It improves confidence


Performing in front of others is no easy task. Encouraging your child to dance, sing, and beat their drum while in the company of friends and family may very well get them used to the idea. This means that your child will grow up to be comfortable in front of a crowd, which comes in handy in all facets of life!


It’s easy!


Sure, you may not have the space for a music wall (but, if you do, you should totally take some zip ties and old pots and pans and make it happen!). Music is everywhere. When in doubt, use spoons, use the table, make a drum out of a coffee tin. However you do it, your kids will thank you.

A special thanks goes out to our friends at our Dundas, Linden Park and Greendale locations for letting us visit and play with your music walls!

How do you incorporate music into your child’s life? Do they have a favourite song to sing? Do they have a special dance move? Show us on social media! We’re on Twitter and Facebook.


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