100 in 1 Day: How Would You Improve Hamilton?


May 17, 2017 · Todays Family ·

100 in 1 Day: How Would You Improve Hamilton?

On Thursday, May 11th the Franklin Road Before and After School Program went out to Sackville Hill Senior Recreation Centre to learn all about The 100 in 1 Day Festival.


100 in a Day is a global festival which finds its beginnings with a group of design students in Bogotá, Colombia in 2012. The students brainstormed 100 ways they could better their city in one day, and the initiative was born. Since then, the phenomenon has spread to over 31 cities all over the world and celebrates taking action towards improving the city in which you live. Imagine, 100 actions towards making Hamilton a happier, healthier, safer place to live – all taking place on the same day!




The Franklin Road kids were so excited to see that Laura and Dave from 100 in 1 Day had come to visit them. Diane, one of the members of the Recreation Centre, was there too! Laura started off by telling everyone all about 100 in 1 day, what it means, and how they could get involved.

On June 3rd, people from all across Hamilton will be celebrating the festival by participating in neighbourhood and lake-front cleanups, plant sharing events and other fun activities that will strengthen the Hamilton community and help improve the city in one way or another.

To learn how you can get involved, in Hamilton or anywhere else in the world, or how you can register your own idea, visit https://100in1day.ca.


The kids got started thinking about their favourite things about Hamilton. Quite a few children were big fans of Starbucks, it seems. But all the children agreed that they loved the green spaces, the lakeshore, and all the wildlife they can see all over the city.


Then, Laura asked them if they could change one thing about the city, what would it be? Lots of ideas were bounced around. Some were creative and ambitious – like hover boards for all! Some, though, were simple and straight forward. “Less garbage” said one girl, and “less pollution!” said a boy.


We weren’t surprised at all when the ideas of preventing gun violence and preserving Hamilton’s green spaces were brought up. Kids are perceptive to everything that goes on in their environments. When something is wrong, they notice. But it’s up to us as adults to find ways to help and to improve the areas we call home.


After all of the ideas had come together, the children were asked to draw something on a giant Jenga block that would inspire change in the city, or would just make someone happy.

img_2852 img_2850 img_2797 img_2804-jpg

Of course, there were also snacks to be had.


We hope to see everyone out and about on June 3rd to celebrate the festival and create change in our city! Visit https://100in1day.ca to learn how you can get involved in your area, or how you can register your own event.

Of course, this is a global festival, with lots of events and activities taking place all over the Greater Hamilton Area! If you take part in 100 in 1 Day, we’d love it if you tagged us on Twitter and Facebook, as well as tagging 100 in 1 Day on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Special thanks to Laura and Dave from 100 in 1 Day for coming to visit us and teaching us all about the festival. We can’t wait until June 3rd!


Until next time,

– Today’s Family

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