5 Fun Indoor Activities for When It’s Too Hot Outside!


July 25, 2016 · Todays Family ·

5 Fun Indoor Activities for When It’s Too Hot Outside!

We’ve been trying our hardest to keep cool here at Today’s Family! That means lots of indoor play. Here are our 5 favourite things to do when it’s too hot to play outside.

 1. Play dress up!

TF_0815_ 334

Get out your costume box! Don’t have one? Go through your closet and see if there’s anything your little ones can use. Go to your local thrift store and let them pick out items. Better yet, why not make your own costumes? Our friend here looks super in his blanket cape and paper helmet!

2. “Make lunch” for your friends!

TF_0815_ 499

Having a tea-party is standard, but what about hosting a lunch? We’ve all got a few of those lovely plastic bits of food around – ask your kids which foods go together. Do apples and garlic mix? No! But apples and bananas do! You could even ask them to pick a colour. For example, a yellow lunch could be peppers and corn with bananas for dessert.

3. Have an archaeological dig!

TF_0815_ 537

Get out your sandbox and bury toy dinosaurs, fake plants, rocks and other treasures in it. Give your kids an arsenal of small shovels, brushes, and other tools. They’ll be thrilled when they find what you’ve hidden! Alternatively, you could have them hunt for pirate treasure by burying bits of jewelry, coins or plastic swords.

4. Create a water table!

Todays Family Saltfleet High Wishart

Dress your little ones in waterproofed gear and have some towels handy for this one! Fill a large bin with water and bubbles (and blue food colouring if you want to get fancy!) and add a bunch of under-the-sea themed toys – whales, fish, sharks, dolphins! Your kids will love hunting for and then playing with the ocean creatures.

5. When in doubt, take a nap!

TF_0815_ 343

This kind of summer heat and humidity can really knock the wind out of your sails! Make sure to take it easy and, when in doubt, it never hurts to get cozy and close your eyes for a minute.

Stay cool! Until next time,

– Today’s Family

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