A Few of Our Favourite #FridayReads


June 3, 2016 · Todays Family ·

A Few of Our Favourite #FridayReads

In the Twitter-sphere, #FridayReads trends almost every week! We, at Today’s Family, decided to offer you our Friday Reads! Here are 5 of our favourite titles for ages 3-5.

The Book with No Pictures by B.J Novak


A book with no pictures? Sounds boring.

On the contrary! This title is filled with colourful, stylized fonts to keep your little one visually engaged. Written specifically to be read aloud at bedtime or anytime, this book states that the reader must read every word on the page – that’s the rules. Thus, the reader ends up saying silly words like “BLUUUUURF” – being entirely under the “control” of the book. Sure to provide a giggle, this silly book is a guaranteed hit!

Goodnight, Canada by Andrea Beck


As a child lays in their bed in Newfoundland, he wonders about other children in all of Canada, and the world in general. As he falls asleep, he quietly wishes them Goodnight; province by province and territory by territory. This book inspires a sense of community and introduces little ones to the geography of our home and native land. If you really want to get educational, read this book with a map in hand and start a conversation about where Nunavut is, or about the cardinal directions. (Remember the acronym: Never Eat Shredded Wheat!)

Finding Winnie by Lindsay Mattick


We all know Winnie-The-Pooh – the lovable and bashful bear in a red t-shirt. But did you know the story behind the world’s most famous bear? This extensively researched piece of non-fiction tells the story of the real Winnie, her adventures and the WW1 veterinarian who loved her (yes, her)! Spoiler alert – she even meets her new best friend; a young boy named Christopher Robin.

Awesome is Everywhere by Neil Pasricha


Neil Pasricha, the author of the critically acclaimed The Book of Awesome and The Book of More Awesome brings us even more Awesome – but this time it’s for kids. This title starts big, looking at the wonder of the entire world and eventually, with the touch of a finger, works its way down to a single grain of sand. By the time you and your little reader reach the surprise at the end, you’ll be more aware that awesome truly is everywhere.

Imaginary Fred by Eoin Colfer and Oliver Jeffers



Fred is an imaginary friend who floated on the wind until Sam wished for him – then they formed a friendship like no other. But, one day Sam makes a real friend and Fred knows that this will cause him to begin to fade away. Oh no! In order to save himself, Fred must learn that Sam doesn’t have to be his only best friend. This heartwarming and harrowing tale of the power of friendship is sure to be loved by your youngster.


What are some of your favourite #fridayreads? We love discovering new stories! Let us know on Twitter, @TodaysFamilyOnt, or Facebook, Today’s Family Early Learning and Child Care. We look forward to reading some responses!

Until next time,

– Today’s Family


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