Art Project: How To Make A Rain Stick


July 29, 2016 · Todays Family ·

Art Project: How To Make A Rain Stick


It is so dry in our garden here at Today’s Family – and it’s equally dry everywhere from Haldimand to Hamilton! Maybe if we make a rain stick it will bring the rain the plants need to grow and the grass needs to be green again. Worth a shot! Here’s how to make a quick and easy rain stick with your little ones.


You will need:

  • A paper towel roll
  • Tin foil
  • Decorative paper – or decorations of your choice
  • Rice or beans or beads or lentils – whatever you’d like to be your “rain!”
  • Scissors
  • Glue or Tape

Step One:


Cut a circle of the decorative paper that is approximately twice the size of the end of your paper towel roll. Then, place the circle on the end of the roll. Cut slits from the edge of the paper to the edge of the roll.

Step Two:


Fold the flaps you’ve cut in the paper down and either glue or tape them to your paper towel roll. This will act as a cap for the end.

Step Three:


Squish your tin foil into a long bunch, then warp it into a squiggly shape. Place this inside your paper towel roll. Make sure it’s long enough to go from one end of the roll to the other.

Step Four:

Add your “rain” to your rain stick. Fill the rain stick about a quarter of the way.

Step Five:


Repeat step one and two at the opposite end of the roll.

Step Six:


Decorate the rest of the paper towel roll. We wrapped ours in another piece of the holographic paper, but you can do whatever you’d like!

Step Seven:

Do the rain dance!

That’s it! Super easy and lots of fun – both making and playing with this homemade musical instrument. If it rains this week, we’ll know to thank you!

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– Today’s Family

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