Back to School Series! How to Make the First Day a Breeze!


August 26, 2016 · Todays Family ·

Back to School Series! How to Make the First Day a Breeze!



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So, you and your kids have had an awesome summer full of fun in the sun, but now back-to-school season is upon us and you, like everyone, are feeling a little rusty when it comes to the routine. Or maybe you’re a first timer when it comes to the daily grind of having school aged little ones. Fear not, fretful parent! Today’s Family is going to be bringing you two blog posts dedicated to preparing you and your students for a stress free year!

For our first post, we bring you 5 tips for the first day!

#1: Meal Prepping makes lunches a dream!

We’ve all been there – a hectic morning. You’re half ready for work, perhaps your hair is half curled or your tie is askew, and you have to project your voice all the way to your kids bedroom to beg the question, “What do you want for lunch?”

You head a sleepy, groggy reply that is something to the effect of, “I don’t know!” or “Whatever!” or “Pizza!” and you are left staring into the fridge with a lack of inspiration.

Meal prepping will save you! Find recipes that you can batch cook and will keep in the fridge all week. Try our Delicious Veggie Couscous or our Rainbow Quinoa Salad. On Sunday, gather your kids and have a meal prepping party! We recommend making at least 2 different options and staggering them throughout the week, pre-packing them in single serve containers for grab-and-go simplicity.

#2. Labels, Labels, Labels!

Buy Iron-on tape and arm yourself with a permanent marker. What’s the point in investing in a back-to-school wardrobe if your kids are just going to lose pieces of it throughout the year? Iron the tape onto sweaters, jackets, everything and label the garments with your child’s full name.

As an added bonus, help your child dress themselves in the morning so you know with confidence that your kids can take items on and off with changing temperatures. Also, make sure your child knows where the Lost and Found is at their school!

#3. Now is the time to reset!

It’s so easy to let bedtimes slip in the summer with schedules being more flexible and daylight lasting longer, but there is no time like right now to start resetting sleep schedules for back to school. Move bedtime earlier by about 15 minutes every night and make sure your kids are up 15 minutes earlier every morning to avoid the dreaded, “Are you up yet? Are you up now? How about now?”

#4. Yearly inventory

We all remember relishing our brand new school supplies every September. Why use last years pencil crayons of varying lengths when you can have shiny ones that are all the same length and still live in their box? Unfortunately, school supplies can be super expensive and new everything sometimes just isn’t possible. Have your kids to an inventory of all of their school supplies from last year. Count every pencil and evaluate the beat-up-ness of every pencil case. Your wallet will thank you, and your kids get to learn a valuable life skill!

Bonus! Don’t buy anything, aside from the absolute necessities, until after day one. You never know what might not be necessary this year as compared to last year.

#5. We know it’s hard – but don’t let your jitters show!

If you’re sending your little one off to school for the first time, it can be an emotional rollercoaster. But these first day jitters can definitely rub off on your little scholar. Instead, get them excited for school! Talk about what the bus is like, or take them on the walk that you’ll take to get to school. Ask them what their excited about, and quell any nerves that may be brewing. We guarantee, an excited kid is easier to send off to school than one who really doesn’t want to leave your side.


Good Luck! Come visit us soon for more back to school tips!


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