Today’s Family aims to provide quality, trusted, care to families in any location or situation. That’s why our Licensed Home Early Learning and Child Care program offers a range of services including full-time, part-time, shift, weekend and emergency care across the city in over 150 homes in the Hamilton/Halton region. This child care option provides a small group setting within the Provider's home for up to five children from infancy to twelve years of age.

Both parent and provider work closely with a Licensed Home Early Learning and Child Care Home Visitor. These Home Visitors will provide new providers with professional support, resources, and guidance through many on-site workshops; as well as perform regular inspections of the home to ensure that the highest standards of health, safety, nutrition and child development are met. Each resident in the home must have current medical immunization and participate in the screening process.

Licensed Home Early Learning and Child Care offers a flexible and very personal level of child care. Among the many advantages of this type of care are the small child-to-Provider ratios, the informal group settings and easy access to the service within, or very near, the child's neighborhood. Parents can also choose providers from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds: we are proud to say that we can offer care in 21 different languages!

Today’s Family Licensed Home Early Learning and Child Care - we can help you find the home child care that’s right for your values and traditions.

Subsidized spaces may be available. We accept registrations for flexible schedules.