Castles and Cake – A Story About Teamwork


December 9, 2019 · Family Today ·

Castles and Cake – A Story About Teamwork

Happy December, readers! As we prepare to bid farewell to 2019, we want to look back at some little stories from our centres that mean a lot. Today, we want to start with a story about creativity and teamwork.

Fostering creativity is an incredibly important part of Early Childhood Development. Children, especially young children, are constantly in the process of discovering the world around them and learning about how that world works.

That is one of the reasons why Ms. Shauna, who works in one of our rooms in our Greendale Centre, loves her job: she never knows what her children will get up to!

One day, she noticed two boys building something together with some LEGO blocks. “What are you building?” Ms. Shaunna asked. “We’re building a castle!” came the reply. Once Ms. Shaunna was satisfied that the two boys did not need any help or guidance, she left them alone to build.

Imagine Ms. Shaunna’s surprise, then, when the boys brought her their creation and proudly declared “Look Ms. Shaunna! It’s a cake!” The castle had transformed into a delicious birthday cake before their very eyes!

Ms. Shaunna asked what kind of cake it was. “It’s a birthday cake!” came the reply. “Who’s birthday is it?” she asked. “It’s mine!” said one of the boys, grinning. Ms. Shaunna knew that it wasn’t actually his birthday, but that didn’t stop her from playing along and singing the boy “Happy Birthday” and pretending to eat a big slice of LEGO cake.

Little stories like this might not seem incredibly important, but they fully encapsulate how the Today’s Family system works. Not only are children encouraged to imagine new and creative stories by their Early Childhood Educators, but they are encouraged to collaborate and come up with new ideas together.

As anyone who has had the pleasure of playing with children will know, children can be very particular about what and how they are playing. The surprise twist from castle to cake, therefore, suggested to Ms. Shaunna that at some point the two boys had to discuss the change in focus, and agree to start building something new on the fly.

Working together on a creative way to play is an underrated aspect of growing up, and developing those interpersonal skills is crucial to healthy Early Childhood Development. That’s why little stories like these ones matter, and why we love to see them in action!


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