Checking In: Crystal’s Kits


May 3, 2021 · Family Today ·

Checking In: Crystal’s Kits

Moving forward, the Today’s Family Blog will feature stories from our Home Child Care Providers to highlight the excellent work that they do. Today, we are visiting Crystal – a licensed HCC Provider for the past 20 years! – to hear how she is providing excellent care in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

Home Child Care did not escape the sweeping new rules and safety regulations designed to keep us healthy and safe from COVID-19. While the guidelines have shifted and changed over the past year, some aspects have been consistent: an emphasis on smaller group sizes, and maintaining social and physical distancing.

For Crystal, these new regulations meant rethinking how she runs her Home Child Care program. Crystal provides care for infants and children below the age of four. This is an especially important development time for children, as they begin to develop self-regulation strategies, peer interactions, and the ability to perceive verbal and non-verbal cues and instructions. The challenge was to adhere to the new regulations without disrupting this crucial period of development.

One of Crystal’s many solutions has been to create individual kits for each child in her program. When the recommendations for revised learning environments were developed, it was suggested that each child have an individual art kit to minimize the sharing of materials – and germs! Crystal took the suggestion one step further and started to build out each kit based on the child’s age of development and personal interests.

Here are some additions Crystal has made to her learning kits:

  • Puzzles
  • Frog Hoppers
  • Cars
  • Building Shapes
  • Play Dough Balls
  • Crayons/Markers

These learning kits not only encourage children to explore their personal interests, but they also allow children to engage with each other while maintaining physical distancing amongst the group. They make sanitary practices easy to implement and maintain, and they are easily adaptable to each child’s changing interests and expression.

Crystal’s kits are based on the fundamentals of “Learning through Play.” They are flexible and adaptable and can complement the third teacher: the child’s environment. In fact, Crystal’s kits are perfect illustrations of how learning happens!

Crystal’s Licensed Home Child Care premise has been instrumental in providing Quality, Early Learning and Child Care. We cannot thank Crystal enough for her continued contributions, compassion and her positivity towards implementing on-going changes.


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