Culture for Kids in the Arts: Inspiring Learning


May 25, 2018 · Todays Family ·

Culture for Kids in the Arts: Inspiring Learning


Today’s Family and Culture for Kids in The Arts have been working together for over 10 years to provide children with opportunities to experience music, art, dance and drama in our after school programs.

Culture for Kids in The Arts is an organization dedicated to bringing the arts community-wide, creating accessibility so all children and youth have an opportunity to participate. The concept for Culture for Kids in the Arts is driven by Vitek Wincza, Artistic Director of the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts. Through his own experiences he recognized that arts programs can motivate and inspire learning. Viteks’s passion to remove barriers for full access to the arts ignites this dream. From this dream he and his team create arts programs that would be inclusive to all.

Once per year, the children come to celebrate their work and put together a performance to share with their families and friends.

Children participate and experience the arts once per week through music, visual arts and dance. “All of our expectations are very flexible, easy and they make sure that children can enjoy it more than if the expectations were for proficiency and order.” Says Vitek Wincza, Creative Director of Culture for Kids in The Arts.


The Performance

With a cue from the Culture for Kids in The Arts staff saying, “Big smiles, big loud voices, and have fun!” the kids got to work telling a story through music, dance and acting. The tale told of three cities, one of rock, one of wood and one with a giant volcano which produced glass. All three cities seemed to have everything they needed, but the citizens of rock city realized that they could accomplish more if they shared their resources. They set off to the other two cities, trying to convince them that they could form one large city. However, the residents of the other cities didn’t want to leave! “The city is our home!” they sang.

After some deliberation, the citizens of Rock City, Glass City and Wood City realized that they could build a bridge! No one would have to leave their homes for good, and they could share all of the things that made their cities so wonderful. “If you build a wall, you will be small” the children sang triumphantly at the performance’s end, “but a bridge of love will conquer all!”

The performance was a celebration of the children’s accomplishments throughout the whole year. The kids came together to celebrate each other’s strengths and to tell a story about the value of making connections.

“(Children) learn how to express (themselves)…through all different art forms.” Vitek says, “Then, they come here…and they put it all together in one hour – everything that they’ve learned. The whole process ends in the celebration of learning.”

You can look forward to seeing the Culture for Kids in The Arts crew at our summer camp program. The team will lead our campers in lots of art activities that will help them to build confidence, get to know their peers and, perhaps more importantly, themselves and their budding passions.

If you haven’t registered for camp yet, you can do so here. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss a moment of fun this Summer! You can also learn more about Culture for Kids in the Arts’ initiatives in our community via their website.

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