Spend the morning with us at the EarlyON Centre!


February 2, 2018 · Todays Family ·

Spend the morning with us at the EarlyON Centre!

On the outside, it’s the coziest of century homes that appears frozen in a time when life moved at an easier pace and neighbours knew each other by name. Inside the EarlyON Centre in Waterdown, it’s still very much that way!


EarlyON Child and Family Centres offer a no-cost drop-in environment for parents, caregivers and children from birth through age 6. You can pop in whenever the centre is open for some quality playtime with your child and other caregivers and families, or come in for a scheduled workshop or program. Every detail in the centres is catered to you and your child, and the EarlyON Centres all provide quality support and programs for families just like yours!

Denise Dryden, the Program Coordinator, says that the Ancaster/Flamborough/Dundas EarlyON Centre is, “part home-away-from-home, part life-sized playhouse.” And she couldn’t be more right. Every detail inside the Centre, affectionately known to regular visitors as “The House,” was designed for children, caregivers and families.

Let us show you some of the amazing things that happen at the Waterdown EarlyON Centre.

Kids can get creative!

With a fully stocked art room and plenty of easels and table space for everyone, you and your child can set to work on your masterpieces.

Parents, Caregivers and Children can feel comfortable in each other’s company

IMG_4449 IMG_4435


On this particular morning, these two ladies chatted about how they get their babies to sleep and enjoyed each other’s company while their children played and explored the centre. EarlyON Centres provide an environment where you can pull up a cozy chair (or section of floor), and feel right at home as you watch your child learn and play in the company of other families and caregivers. A welcome break for many!

The Programs!



While free, unstructured play time is amazing for young children, sometimes you and your child will want to learn something new; like a game or some songs to sing! The EarlyON Centre has just what you need. On this particular morning, the staff were leading a group in singing fun songs. The room was filled with smiles and giggles as the group sang along, “I wrote a letter to my love, but on the way I dropped it!”

The EarlyON Centre offers programs not just for children, but for parents and caregivers too! If you need help with tough subjects like breastfeeding, or weaning, or potty-training, the EarlyON Centre likely has just the knowledge you’re looking for available through one of their workshops.


Toys and games for every kind of play!

IMG_4507 IMG_4504

Whether your child loves imaginative play or sensory play or anything in between, there is sure to be a toy, game or activity at the EarlyON centre that they’ll love! Not to mention, there’s a cupboard full of toys you can borrow – just like books from the library.


It’s the perfect environment to develop a friendship!


Our post last week was all about developing friendships, and the EarlyON Centre provides just the environment to do it! Children who aren’t in child care and are too young for school need time around other children too. One thing that EarlyON always provides is room upon room of other children to play, explore, and learn with!


EarlyON brings you closer to your child



When you and your child are in an environment free from the stresses and distractions that home sometimes brings, you’re free to bond with your child in a place that is comfortable, homey, supportive and welcoming. Besides, the only person your child will want to cuddle with after a long, exciting play-time is you!

If you haven’t already, we hope that you’ll try dropping into one of our EarlyON Centres soon! If you have, we hope to see you again soon!

For more information about what’s going on at your local EarlyON Centre, visit The Government of Ontario’s website or our website!


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