Flu Prevention at Today’s Family


October 28, 2020 · Family Today ·

Flu Prevention at Today’s Family

The annual flu season is upon us, and Today’s Family is dedicated to doing our part to minimize the spread of the flu. While it is always important to reduce the spread of the flu, this year’s flu season coinciding with rising COVID-19 cases means that these actions are more important than ever.

The flu shot is the best way to ensure that your children do not get and spread the flu. Parents, caregivers, and those who work closely with children are all heavily encouraged to get the flu shot this year. However, due to COVID-19 precautions, getting your flu shot may be a different process than in previous years. Hamiltonians can get more information about getting their flu vaccine by visiting this link: hamilton.ca/flu; if you live in Halton, Haldimand, or Norfolk, you should contact your family doctor for more information.

In the meantime, here are some steps that you can take to help minimize the spread of the flu. These actions are recommended by the government of Ontario:

Wash your hands often
Our hands are one of the most effective routes into our bodies that viruses like the flu have. Even after getting the flu shot, washing your hands for fifteen seconds with warm, soapy water will help prevent spreading the flu to other people.

Cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing
Use a tissue and immediately throw it out, or cough and sneeze into your shoulder or elbow. This action prevents flu viruses from being spread across large spaces.

Don’t touch your face
The flu needs to enter your body through your eyes, nose, or mouth for you to catch the flu. By not touching your face, you are limiting the flu’s opportunities to get into your body and make you sick.

Stay home
If you are feeling sick, stay home. Viruses spread easily in large groups with minimal social distancing, including child care centres, schools, and licensed home child care programs.

Disinfect shared surfaces
Viruses can live between 24 and 48 hours on hard surfaces such as countertops, toys, door handles, and phones. Wipe down your surfaces after touching them with warm, soapy water or, better yet, disinfecting wipes or cleaning solution.


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