Growing Bonds in the Community


August 5, 2019 · Todays Family ·

Growing Bonds in the Community

We talk about our gardens a lot.

And why shouldn’t we? There are so many good things growing in our gardens, and we’re not just talking about the flowers and vegetables! Our children learn about the water cycle, the life cycles of plants, how to care for other living things. They get to eat the healthy food that they grow in the garden. They spend valuable time outside.

When we started our Community Garden at our Greendale Centre, we wanted it to be a place where people not involved in one of our Today’s Family programs could come and help our organization grow. We wanted it to be a Community Garden. And so, every year we keep one of our garden boxes reserved for someone in our community to use.

A couple of weeks ago, the children who have been gardening all summer long got to meet the amazing young girl who has been growing vegetables in our backyard.

All throughout the spring and summer, our children have been keeping track of Deijah’s plants, writing letters to Deijah and her mother, letting them know how the plants were growing. But the children were able to deliver their latest letter in person when Deijah came to visit us.

It was a great afternoon for our children. Deijah was able to tell our preschool class all about the fruits and vegetables that she was growing. She was growing some different plants than we were, so it was a treat to learn about why she was growing what she was, and also what she was growing.

Deijah worked with the children to make a list of everything she is growing this year. There were some big differences! The children were especially interested in Deijah’s watermelons and cantaloupes. We aren’t growing any melons in our gardens this year, but after seeing how interested the children were in these fruits, we might next year!

Several of the vegetables in the two gardens were the same. For example, we are both growing carrots and lettuce. We were all able to talk together about our favourite vegetables and why it is important to grow them ourselves when we can.

We want to thank Deijah and her mother again for helping us grow our garden! We hope the watermelons turn out perfectly!

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