Home Activities: Celebrating Canada Day at home


July 1, 2020 · Family Today ·

Home Activities: Celebrating Canada Day at home

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Today is Canada Day, the anniversary of our country’s Confederation 153 years ago! In honour of that, we want to share some easy crafts that you can do at home that uses our national symbol: the maple leaf.

Leaf Stamp Printing and Buddies

Ages: All Ages


White paper
Construction paper
Paint (red paint is a good idea today)
A brush or sponge
Maple leaves


Go outside on a nature walk and try to find some big maple leaves on the ground. Remember: don’t take the leaves from the trees – they need them in order to grow! Also, be on the lookout for acorns, or other shells.

Once you’ve found some differently-sized leaves, it’s time to make some art! Use the brush or sponge to spread the paint on one side of the leaves. Then, put the leaf paint-side-down on the paper! Press the leaf firmly onto the paper, making sure to not miss any edges.

You can do this over and over.

Try experimenting with different colours on the same paper, or even the same leaf! Also try to make a pattern: experiment with sizes and colours to make a new pattern that makes sense for you!

When you’re done, you can still use the leaves for another project with your buddies!

Cut round shapes out of the construction paper and glue them to the painted side of the leaves. Draw faces on the paper circles to make new leaf buddies. If you managed to find some acorns, now is a great time to glue these onto the leaves as well – they make great noses!


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