Home Activities: How to Play Camouflage


July 15, 2020 · Family Today ·

Home Activities: How to Play Camouflage

Ages: 6 and up

We can all agree that being outdoors is important for everyone’s health and well-being, especially children’s – even more so during this time of uncertainty. When dressed appropriately for the weather, any game can be made into an ‘outdoor game’. Some children love a game of tag, while others enjoy Hide and Go Seek with a tag twist, like the game of Camouflage. Camouflage is a great activity for children and adults of all ages, speeds, and athletic abilities.

What You’ll Need

You will need a space, large or small, with decent hiding places, and space for the ‘animals’ to roam.

How to Play

Assign someone to be ‘it’. This person will sit somewhere and begin counting, with their eyes closed, until they reach 30. All of the other players will run and hide. Once the number 30 is reached, the person will open their eyes, but remain seated. They will be able to move their heads to look for the other players, but they cannot move their feet. If someone is spotted, the person who is ‘it’ will yell their name, and they will be ‘out’. If no one else can be spotted, the person who is ‘it’ will yell to the other players ‘food for 25!’, put out their arms, close their eyes, and count to 25. The remaining players will run, touch the person’s hand who is ‘it’ and run back to a hiding spot. Once the number ‘0’ is reached, the person who is ‘it’ will open their eyes, and begin turning their head to look for the remaining players. Some players may not be able to make it back to their original hiding spot, and instead will have to find somewhere else to hide! The game continues like this with the person who is ‘it’ calling ‘water for 20’, and ‘food for 15’, until only one hider remains. The last person standing gets to be ‘it’ the next round!

Why We Love Camouflage

This activity encourages everyone, of all ages and athletic abilities, to get involved. There is some strategy that has to take place – with finding the right hiding spot; not too close so the person doesn’t see you who is ‘it’, but not too far so you can make it back in the timeframe to tag their hands. Kids love to play Camouflage.

This is one of our favourite games at Today’s Family!


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