Home Activities: Marble Track


April 6, 2020 · Family Today ·

Home Activities: Marble Track

Today’s Family continues to support our families. Home Activities is a new blog series where we share activities and games to keep bodies and brains active while we all practice safe Social Distancing. Just as we’re sharing these thoughts with you, please share these ideas with your family and friends through social media.

Today’s Home Activity: Marble Track

Ages: 10 and up

This activity takes a bit of prep work, and a LOT of materials, but it is easily one that can fill up entire days with creativity and fun! All you need are heaps of paper or cardboard, hot glue or tape, and a marble. First, cut some paper or cardboard into strips. Fold it to make a “U” shape. Tape the bent strips together to create a functional marble track.

Since the tracks are easy to make, experiment with different designs. How can you make the track curve? Or change the direction a marble is moving? One trick is to have a marble drop onto a portion of track below, and then have that track go in a different direction.

Mounting the track is the hardest part of the activity, but with some careful planning, you can find solutions that are right for you. You can tape one end of the track up high – like at the top of a chair – and then tape the other end to the floor. Or, you can make supports out of more paper and cardboard, although this can be trickier. Resting tracks on different items – like books or boxes – is a third option.

If you don’t have a marble lying around, there are other things to use instead! Anything that rolls can be useful, but you will have to build your track based on the size of your new object. An easy substitute is to make a dough ball – just mix some flour and water together and roll it into a ball.

Why we love it: This is the sort of activity that keeps children occupied for a long time. It also helps to develop critical and spatial thinking skills. Make a simple track together, and then set your child loose to build one on their own. Encourage them to make it as wild or crazy as they can!


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