Home Activities: Playing in the Rain


August 11, 2020 · Family Today ·

Home Activities: Playing in the Rain

Today’s Family continues to support our families. Home Activities is a new blog series where we share activities and games to keep bodies and brains active while we all practice safe social distancing. Just as we’re sharing these thoughts with you, please share these ideas with your family and friends through social media.

We strongly believe in the importance and value of outdoor play. As Early Childhood Educators, it’s important to remember that weather – like sun, clouds, and even rain – changes the landscape for young children and therefore offers constant learning opportunities.

Dominic, who attends one of our Licensed Home locations, LOVES his rubber boots. On a rainy spring day, the children tried on ‘muddy buddies’ suits for their first time. Stepping outside, they realized they now had freedom to explore and investigate. Dominic noticed the puddles, and began to see and touch, as well as put toys in to test what would happen. The children learned about the world around them through their minds and bodies.

Children naturally learn whenever they start exploring the world around them. According to How Does Learning Happen?, giving children this freedom to explore can spark curiosity, joy, and wonder as they find connections to nature, all while supporting their overall health and well-being.

The next time it rains, bundle your child up in a raincoat and rubber boots and lead them outside for some good-old-fashioned puddle play! Keep a few steps back and watch them play, and see if they do any of the following:

  1. Jump in puddles (gross motor skills)
  2. Look at the ripples or reflections in the puddles (observation skills)
  3. Experiment, seeing which items float and which sink (exploratory learning)

You’ll soon see, even just jumping in puddles can be a valuable learning experience.


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