Home Activities: Spot Spring


March 30, 2020 · Family Today ·

Home Activities: Spot Spring

Today’s Family continues to support our families. Home Activities is a new blog series where we share activities and games to keep bodies and brains active while we all practice safe Social Distancing. Just as we’re sharing these thoughts with you, please share these ideas with your family and friends through social media.

Today’s Home Activity: Spot Spring

Ages: All Ages!

Even though we are all practicing Social Distancing and should all be trying to stay inside as much as possible, we all need some good old-fashioned fresh air every once in a while! Going outside is safe when you still avoid other people. But try to stay inside if anyone is feeling under the weather, even just a bit.

This is the time of the year that we would normally be taking our children outside on walks around the neighbourhood because spring is just around the corner! Think of taking a nature walk around a park or other wild space and look for the telltale signs of the new season: flowers, fresh green leaves on trees, blossoms, or birdsong! Keep a list of everything you see together.

If your children are a little bit older, think about looking for flowers and leaves that you can take back home with you and press. Pressing nature is easy: look for dry leaves and flowers (the drier the better!), and place them between two sheets of parchment paper. Put the pressed flowers beneath a phone book or other pile of heavier things, and then leave it for a week. Come back to it and the flowers or leaves should be well preserved!

Pressing nature is a great opportunity to create a nature notebook, so try to collect as many varieties of green life as possible! But be careful and respectful of nature – don’t take too many flowers, and don’t rip leaves off of trees.

Why we love it: Nature walks are great for so many reasons: exercise, curiosity, and building observation skills!


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