It’s Great Outdoors Month – Get Outside, then Get Creative!


June 14, 2017 · Todays Family ·

It’s Great Outdoors Month – Get Outside, then Get Creative!

The month of June is designated as Great Outdoors Month! So, in keeping with this month’s theme, we decided to bring you an outdoor activity, for all ages, and an art project– all in one blog post!

What you’ll need:

  • A bucket/bag/box (or your pockets will do!)
  • Various art supplies (whatever you have around the house)
  • If desired, sand and sea shells

Step One: Go to the Beach!


Who doesn’t love the beach this time of year? The Great Lakes are practically in our back yards, so let’s take advantage of this natural playground. Grab your hat, your SPF and something that you can carry stones in, and let’s go!

Step Two: Collect Stones!


Hence the mention of a stone-carrying-device of some sort. Encourage your kids to find big ones, small ones, flat ones, and some that aren’t so flat. Ask them why they picked them. Collect as many as your heart desires.

Our friend here was especially excited about the granite stones – shades of pink and grey and sparkly! He also found a stone that was shaped just like a peanut!

Step Three: Go home and grab your art supplies!


Now, it’s time to decorate. But first, it’s wise to wash your rocks, and any feathers or sand you may have collected. Remove any excess dirt so that your paint and glue stick firmly to the stones, wash your feathers and dry them, and bleach your beach sand to remove any harmful contaminants.


We stuck with acrylic paint for our decorating, but you can do whatever you’d like. Add feathers, sequins – even cover them in colourful fabric. The beach is filled with art supplies! Glue smaller stones to larger ones instead of using googly eyes or use grass for “hair”. Encourage your child’s creativity.


For the younger ones, ask them to identify colours and textures as they add them to their rock creations. For the older ones, talk about what the rock looks like before they start. It may look like a turtle, or a butterfly (or, in our case, a peanut).

Step Four: Display your creations


These masterpieces look fantastic displayed in a bowl on the kitchen table, placed on the mantle or sitting in the garden. For more of a beach theme, add sand and shells. Abra Cadabra! You have some outdoor playtime, a fun art project, and beautiful, summery decorations.


P.S – Why not show your Dad how much of a rock star he is by making him a beach stone paper weight for Father’s Day?

Until next time,

– Today’s Family

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