Looking Back: Let’s Go to the Beach


June 29, 2020 · Family Today ·

Looking Back: Let’s Go to the Beach

Summer is almost here! Doesn’t it feel as though it would never arrive? Here on the Today’s Family blog, we’re excited to kick off the hottest season of the year by looking back at some truly inspired activities from last year.

Who doesn’t love going to the beach? Unfortunately, taking a legion of preschoolers to a beach is not always possible, but that didn’t stop the Early Childhood Educators at our Greendale centre from doing their best to bring the beach to the classroom. Children in every classroom were excited to come to the centre wearing their beach hats, sunglasses, and beach clothes.

We always ask children to come to our programs with a proper hat, but our ECEs saw this Beach Day as a great opportunity to explain exactly why wearing hats outside are so important. “Remember to bring your beach hat!” they told the children. “Hats protect you from getting too much sun and getting sunburns. They are very important to stay safe when we play outside.”

With everyone in a beach frame of mind, it was no surprise that our sand-based activities were particularly busy throughout the day. There was a steady crowd surrounding our sandbox outside and the sand table in our classrooms, but that wasn’t the only activity space that was busy throughout the day.

In one of our preschool classrooms, the ECEs thought it would be great to make beach-themed artwork. “What kind of creatures live at the beach?” they asked. When the children answered “crabs,” the ECEs checked the knowledge before leading into the rest of the activity. “What do crabs look like? How many legs do they have? What colour are they?”

After they had checked to make sure everyone knew what crabs looked like, the ECEs brought out some paper and red paint. The children used their hands to make crab shapes on the paper, coming back later to stick eyeballs onto their art. The painting activity ended up being very popular in the classroom as the children got to experiment with making art in different ways.


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