Now We’re Cookin’: Green Spinach Dip


May 10, 2021 · Family Today ·

Now We’re Cookin’: Green Spinach Dip

Dips are great, fun, and easy to make and to eat! Whether a complement to a larger lunch or dinner, or just as an afternoon snack, grabbing a pita or some corn chips to dip in our green spinach dip is one of our children’s favourite quick and easy snacks.

Just like sauces, we love our green spinach dip because it is healthy, delicious, and easy to make from scratch. The mix of garlic, and lemon juice create a tasty but not-too-strong flavour that is helped by the creaminess of the Greek yogurt. And all you need to make this recipe is a food processor and some basic ingredients!

Check out how to make this delicious dip in the video below!

Spinach is an incredible ingredient in any dish because it provides a large amount of iron that growing bodies need, but convincing children to eat their spinach can be a tall order. That’s why we blend it with Greek yogurt – which is also a great source of calcium to help growing bones – to help with flavour and consistency.

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