Rain, Rain, You’re Okay! We can still have Outdoor Play!


May 3, 2017 · Todays Family ·

Rain, Rain, You’re Okay! We can still have Outdoor Play!


Welcome back, Friends! It’s Screen-Free Week, and although the sun has come back out to greet us, there’s more rain to come this week! This type of weather makes you want to curl up under a blanket for snuggles and story time, but here at Today’s Family Greendale we know that outdoor play time is still important, even when it’s raining.

So, today we bring you 5 things you can do to keep Outdoor Play exciting, even when the weather may not be warm and the skies may not be bright.

Dance the Hokey Pokey in the Puddles




We all know the Hokey Pokey, and with all of that foot in, foot out, and shaking all about it’s a perfect match for a rainy day outside. All you need is some boogie and a puddle. When you put your left foot in, you’re putting it in the puddle. Watch the splash, see how hard you have to step to create the biggest splash or how softly you have to step to create no splash at all. The best part, of course, comes last when you put your whole self in the puddle with one big jump!

Naturally, splash pants and rain boots are strongly recommended for this activity.


A Puddle Jumping Walk




This activity is a little less messy than the first. Instead of jumping in the puddles, avoid them! How are you going to get over the puddle? Is it small enough to step over, or is it too big and you have to go around it? This helps to build your little ones problem solving skills!


Just Listen



No matter where you live, rain makes a lot of interesting sounds! Listen to the raindrops as they land on leaves, on the ground, in the grass, maybe even on the family car. You could even bring some household items outside like coffee cans or plastic tubs that will make even more noise!


Where does the rain go?


Sure, we know that rain falls from the sky – but where does it go after that? Have your kids follow the streams, trickles and trails that the rain makes as it drains away. Have them find pools of water in interesting places – like on the leaves of plants. Ask them why the water flows that way, and start a conversation about gravity, or currents, or how all of the water on earth eventually ends up in places like the Great Lakes or the ocean!




Play Worm and Snail Rescue!

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We all know that it’s exactly on days like this that our little worm and snail friends come out from their homes in the dirt to bask in the dampness. Why not go look for some? You could even go for a walk around your neighbourhood and rescue worms from dangerous situations by placing them in a safer area. Did you know that Earth Worms are designation as a Vulnerable Species? They certainly are defenseless – they could get stepped on as they squirm across the side walk or driven over in the driveway!

Just like that, you’re a rainy day super hero! Take this opportunity to talk to your kids about worms and what they do for our gardens and the environment in general. Here is an article from National Geographic Kids to help get you started.



Now, put on your raincoats, your splash pants and your rubber boots, get out there and have some fun! A little bit of rain never hurt anybody, and it’s exactly what Mother Nature needs to get her grow on this spring.

Are you enjoying some time outside today? Did you try any of our suggestions? We’d love to see some pictures and hear your stories! Join the Today’s Family community on Facebook and Twitter, and we’ll see you next week!

Until next time,

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