Today’s Family prides itself with keeping on top of news, trends and resources that can help children and families live happy, positive lives. We’d like to share with you some of the work we’ve done recently.

Solutions- Quality Early Learning Network

Child Care is an essential part of an early learning and care agenda. It is a vital service for thousands of families in Ontario and an important contributing support to our economy. Child Care faces an unprecedented ‘crisis’ – we do not use this term lightly as indeed we are facing a dramatic reduction of child care services in Ontario. This open paper outlines the crisis, but more importantly, starts a dialogue toward solutions. Download Paper (PDF)

2017 Annual Report
Embracing the Future

This has been a year of new opportunities and future-focused planning.

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2020 Vision Business Plan
Embracing the Future

Our 2020 VISION includes five ways Today’s Family will Embrace the Future by 2020.

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2016 Annual Report
Spreading our wings

After more than 30 years, we’ve taken flight with a new sense of purpose and a renewed commitment to leading the sector forward.

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2015 Annual Report
Learning Happens Here

During our first years of life, the brain develops at an astounding rate. Scientists now know this process is not just genetic but is dramatically inf...

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2014 Annual Report

On our own, we can teach, help and care for the children in our midst. Together, with other organizations in our city and our province, we can help to...

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2013 Annual Report

Our primary responsibility is the children and families we serve. It is our obligation to make sure they are nurtured and respected. We are accountabl...

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2012 Annual Report

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Today’s Family providing early learning, child care, before and after school programs, camps and youth oppor...

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2011 Annual report

Caring. It's in our name. It is the essence of who we are. We care for the children who take part in our program, for their families,...

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