Safe Outdoor Play for a Winter’s Day


January 5, 2018 · Todays Family ·

Safe Outdoor Play for a Winter’s Day


With Winter in full effect, it may be tempting to stay inside – hiding from the cold under your favourite blanket. Even the preschoolers at Today’s Family have had to make the best of indoor play this week, with temperatures plummeting and icy winds blowing! We can’t wait for Old Man Winter to let up just enough that we can get back outside.

In the meantime, if you do want to spend time with your little ones outside, it’s important that you stay safe! Here’s how:


Bundle up!

If you’re going to head outside you need to have your layers on! The first layer should be one that keeps you, or your child, warm and dry. The second layer should be an insulator; put on your coziest sweater! Lastly, you’ll be needing an outer layer to protect you from the water and the wind. Don’t forget about hats, mittens, scarves and extra socks!


Stay hydrated

In the winter the air gets colder, and drier. This causes your body to lose water with every breath you take. When you get thirsty, its sweating that lets your body know you need a drink, but with the colder weather you tend to sweat less, making it easier to forget to grab a drink.

The best way to make sure you stay hydrated this winter is to get a water bottle. Reusable is the best way to go, but whatever you can find works. Fill it up once in the morning and once at lunch time to ensure you’re drinking enough water.


Watch for frostbite

This is one of the scarier parts of winter. Frostbite occurs when your skin and the tissue under it freezes. It’s most common on fingers, toes, ears, and cheeks. Make sure you bundle up in layers and cover as much exposed skin as you can to prevent frostbite!


Plan ahead

This is one of the easiest steps, but can often be overlooked. In the winter, the weather is unpredictable. Some days it’s 5 degrees and sunny, but the next day it’s -10 and snowy. By knowing the weather you can make sure all your winter essentials are dry and ready. If the forecast is calling for snow in the morning but you know your boots won’t be dry in time, try stuffing some newspaper in the toes. The newspaper will soak up water and help your boots dry faster.


Have you been outside at all this week? We’d love to hear about your cold weather adventures on Facebook or Twitter!


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-Today’s Family

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