“Team Awesome”: Samira’s Licensed Home Child Care Program


December 3, 2020 · Family Today ·

“Team Awesome”: Samira’s Licensed Home Child Care Program

As we all adjust to the “new normal”, we wanted to dedicate some blog posts to stories of continuing care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Today, we have this post written by Samira, one of our newest Licensed Home Child Care Providers.

I started out with Today’s Family in their center, at the Greendale location. I am now a Licensed Home Child Care provider. This actually was not planned. At the start of the pandemic when the centers shut down, I agreed to open my home for child care. I set up my home like a child care centre, and when the centers reopened, I decided to remain as a home provider.

The switch from center to Licensed Home Care was difficult at first, as there are more responsibilities (especially during this time when sanitization and cleaning takes priority above all). But this way, I have more freedom in creating customized schedules that fit every child’s personalities. With smaller groups, I am able to make accommodations for every child. I currently have 5 children under my care, including 1 school age child. I’m very happy with this position. I love making fun and engaging schedules for the kids. I communicate extensively with the parents about the details of their children’s day, including everything they do, what they eat, and what time they sleep. I enjoy uniquely planning every week to keep the children engaged in indoor and outdoor activities that are both fun and help them learn! I also plan a 4-week food menu for the children and sometimes even include some Lebanese food, which the children love!

In Licensed Home Child Care, we do our best to ensure that our children have the best start at a healthy and successful future. One way of doing this is by making sure they spend enough time playing outside. This provides them with some sun exposure and exercise, both crucial for a healthy lifestyle. While outside, the children have opportunities to socialize and interact with each other and to have greater appreciation for nature.

We love to fill the bucket with leaves and dump them, then fill the bucket again.

We are also very happy playing with the homemade musical instruments. This encourages the children to make some music. They love to dance and listen to the sounds.

We are also naming the colors as we play bowling outside!

Whether inside or out, learning is always happening. Licensed Home Child Care provides children with many opportunities for learning through play.

I am so excited to continue this journey. Thank you to my home visitor, Lisa, who always supports and encourages me, and answers any questions and concerns I have! She is indeed very awesome.

Thank you, Today’s Family! I am proud to be a member in this amazing organization.


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