Today, I resolve…


January 7, 2019 · Family Today ·

Today, I resolve…

With every new year comes the expectation that you will make New Year’s Resolutions. Most of us who do so don’t have our resolutions make it through the month, much less a couple of weeks.

And so we give up. And we feel guilty. And then we forget about it.

Until next year!

Many people cheekily resolve not to make resolutions at all, as if that’s the answer.

Of course, it isn’t.

Cyndi Smasal, in her blog post entitled “The Problem With New Year’s Resolutions” contends “the moment you make a New Year’s Resolution, you have a problem.” Why? Because she says, “when you make a resolution you are… asking yourself to change the way you live.” And that “to change the way you live, you will have to grow.”

Although Cyndi takes a rather dim view of resolutions, we do not. Instead, we suggest a novel approach to keeping resolutions that you may not have thought of before: an accountability partner in your child or children!

Just think…

As Cyndi acknowledges, “the potential problem with resolutions begins when you want to do something new that doesn’t match the person whom you know yourself to be. This creates an internal conflict.” She goes on to say, “part of you wants to change, and another part of you wants to remain who you are out of habit.”

We wholeheartedly agree.

But while she says that “this internal conflict creates negative self-talk or criticism, which can paralyze you and stop you from keeping your resolution,” we can’t help but wonder if the kids you care for most of all can provide you with the very same care, and love and support that they depend on to grow and change.

So, instead of giving up on making resolutions and remaining stuck in whatever rut you want to get out of, resolve to make at least one resolution ‘stick.’ To accomplish your objective, be sure to enlist your children to help support you in your efforts so that your new behaviour soon becomes a new lifestyle.

Can you resolve to do that?!

• • •

“The Problem With New Year’s Resolutions,” © 2002, is reprinted in part with the permission of Cyndi Smasal

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