Today’s Family’s nature of things: Messy Pumpkins


November 4, 2019 · Family Today ·

Today’s Family’s nature of things: Messy Pumpkins

With Hallowe’en over, there’s the question of what to do with old pumpkins now that they’re practically being given away. It may be counterintuitive, but we think that the day after Hallowe’en is the absolute best day for pumpkin carving!

Today, we want to inspire you to scrounge up some pumpkins of your own – and practice to make the perfect Jack O’ Lantern next year!

One of our centres recently took a field trip to a local pumpkin patch to learn about how pumpkins grow and get ready for Hallowe’en. Our children already knew about the plant life cycle from tending our community garden all summer long, but it was great to learn more about pumpkins in particular.

We went back to the centre after picking out some smaller specimens to experiment on. We all took turns and worked together to draw faces on the pumpkins and then, with lots of supervision, we started to carve them up!

Both the children and the Early Childhood Educators were excited for carving the pumpkins, but what neither side fully expected was how fun hollowing out the tiny pumpkins would be! Child and ECE alike took great joy in scooping out the slimy insides of each pumpkin, squishing it between fingers and plopping it on the table.

This whole activity was a great example of how Today’s Family exercises work: we took a field trip out into our community, spreading awareness of interesting things to do near the children’s homes. We learned and reinforced lessons on the plant life cycle and how pumpkin patches work. Then, we exercised our creative muscles by planning designs for the pumpkins, and practiced our fine motor skills by carefully carving our designs out.

But the biggest lesson was by far was that being messy is fun!


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