What’s the deal with Licensed Home Child Care?


February 28, 2019 · Family Today ·

What’s the deal with Licensed Home Child Care?

What’s in a name? What’s in our name? We call ourselves Today’s Family because we are here to serve the families of today. So much has changed since Today’s Family first opened our doors in Hamilton, and the needs of our families are no exception. And as we grow, we learn more and more about our families and their specific needs.

We talk a lot about our Before and After School and Licensed Centre Care programs here on the blog, but there is a third type of child care that we facilitate at Today’s Family: Licensed Home Child Care.

Did you know that Today’s Family is one of only three licensed home child care agencies that have a funding agreement with the City of Hamilton? It’s true! 

Licensed home child care is child care offered in a home, operated by a provider that is licensed through a child care agency. Or, to put it another way, these are your local family day cares, now overseen by professionals and regulated by the government for the safety of our children.

Part of this oversight includes regular inspections and professional learning opportunities for the child care providers. Every provider is paired with a home child care visitor from Today’s Family who has a background in Early Childhood Education and meets Ministry of Education standards, making licensed home child care as safe and enriching as our other centre-based programs.

There are several reasons why parents and children choose to use licensed home child care instead of our other programs. One is the environment of the home itself: as much as we try to make our centres as accessible and inviting to children as possible, there is something different about walking into a loving home. It could be a matter of convenience: a child care centre could be a lengthy drive in the opposite direction of a parent’s job, whereas a licensed home child care location might be in your neighbourhood.

Smaller group sizes is another reason why many of our families choose licensed home child care. Regulations put a cap on the number of children licensed care givers can legally care for, so your child will never be in a group of more than six.

Ultimately, licensed home child care delivers a level of flexibility that oftentimes just cannot be found in other child care programs.

Today’s Family-affiliated licensed home child care locations can be found across Hamilton. If you are interested in learning more, either about sending your child to one of these amazing programs, or about becoming a licensed home child care provider yourself, please contact Today’s Family using the information below.

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